"One of the most impressive, compelling, and unique
musicians alive today!"
- The Nonsense Society,
--- www.nonsensesociety.com
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"Kinesthesia" Available:
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Dante Bucci fuses world music and melodic indie rock with his pioneering approach to the Handpan.
He is a fixture in the Philly indie music scene and one of the most-recognized Handpan players in the world, thanks to a constantly-expanding list of subscribers and over 10 million views on his YouTube channel ( youtube.dantebucci.com ).

Invented in Switzerland circa 2000, the Handpan is a melodic steel percussion instrument resembling a steel drum crossed with a UFO. It has a distinctive voice that draws comparisons to strings, steel pans, or even synthesizers. Dante has defined the unusual Handpan (a.k.a. “Hang Drum”) for the entire world, playing past its ambient, meditative tendencies with insistent melodies and deft percussive strikes. He creates distinct, compelling, hummable songs; sometimes playing two or three at once to create a layered, polyrhythmic sound.

The unique features of the Handpan are a perfect match for Dante's eclectic musical history. Although primarily trained as a classical baritone, in college he picked up every instrument in sight - from guitars, flutes, and drums to didgeridoo, musical saw, and Theremin. He quickly emerged as an in-demand percussionist, which lead to nearly a decade of fruitful collaboration with dozens of Philadelphia-based artists...
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Handpan is the general term used to describe a group of musical instruments resulting from a growing worldwide interest in the Hang (pronounced "hung"), an instrument invented and built by the Swiss company PANArt Hangbau AG.

A Handpan looks like a steel drum crossed with a UFO, and has its own distinctive voice that draws comparisons to steel pans, harps, and even synthesizers. Each pan sings its own harmony, with a root in the center and a scale arrayed around the circumference. The resulting sound makes it perfect as background music for a gallery opening or as an indelible lead singer at a rock concert.

The commercially available musical instruments which are generally included by the term Handpan are (in the order of their appearance): Caisa, BElls, Halo, Spacedrum, and the handpan by Bali Steel Pan. Additional instruments are being built but only a small number are available.
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